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Get to Know CV&G

Each year, the Community Volunteers and Grants (CV&G) Committee follows a detailed process and works to identify out-of-League placements for our members for the following league year. As we prepare to vote on the proposed slate of agency partners for 2018-2019 at the February 28th General Membership Meeting it may help to understand the work this placement performs and what goes into the selection process.

Each June members of the nonprofit community are invited to League headquarters to learn about all the opportunities to partner with the JLKCMO, including CV&G, Community Endowment, Action Team volunteers and Signature programs. During this informational session we share the application process for each support source. For CV&G, applications are due the first week of August.

Once applications are received, a committee of League leaders assembles to review applications based on the grant guidelines. Through this process, the review committee identifies organizations to move to the next stage of investigation and review. CV&G members are each assigned an organization to visit from August to September and bring back more detailed information to present to the committee. Organizations are judged based on the budget and volunteer allocations given as well as on the following criteria: member experience, impact areas and agency overview. Once the committee has created a slate, the slate is presented at the October Planning Council. If approved, the slate is then presented to the Board of Directors and lastly at the League’s February GMM for a membership vote.

This year the slate includes some past favorites and new opportunities. Here is the proposed slate for the 2018-2019 League Year:

Amethyst Place – Committee members will be placed in pairs and assigned to a resident with whom they will work to complete an assigned curriculum aimed at acquiring social skills and modeling positive female relationships. Sessions are held in the evening at the Amethyst Place education center and prior to each meeting a meal will be served.

Girl Scouts – In this pilot program, committee members will be assigned to an underserved troop seeking their Bronze award, the first step in achieving a Gold Award, the highest award within the Girl Scouts organization. Members will help the troop choose a community service project, then organize, plan and execute their chosen activity to meet the requirements for award.

Solace House – Back for its third consecutive year, Solace House committee members will provide food and activities for children and families attending grief counseling at two 8-week sessions throughout the year.

Lazarus Ministries – This placement provides several options for involvement throughout the year, including assisting shoppers at the Lazarus Boutique, preparing and serving meals for Lazarus’s Table and assisting with women’s emergency shelter activities. As part of this placement, League members will have the opportunity to work with the new Spirit Sisters program, which will teach classes and projects to women in Supportive Housing.

Wayside Waifs – this placement provides our members an opportunity to work with animals and the community through several different service opportunities, including visiting community locations and reading to children and adults with a companion animal, teaching dog safety classes and leading community volunteer projects that directly impact animal wellbeing.

The CV&G Committee looks forward to more fully educating the membership about each program at the February 28th GMM. We hope to see you there!

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