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6 Easy Ways to Incorporate Volunteerism Into Your Everyday Life

Looking at your already overbooked calendar and trying to fit in another activity can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to fit in projects and causes that are meaningful to you when you just don’t have time for one more scheduled thing! Here are six easy ways to incorporate volunteerism into your everyday life!

  1. Use volunteerism as a break from your day

Take a few minutes of your lunch break to engage with topics that resonate with you. You can sign an online petition for a cause you’re passionate about or complete “microvolunteering” tasks right from your desk.

  1. Pair the activities you love with the causes you care about

What are things that you love to do in your free time? Chances are you can connect your passions to help the greater good! Do you love to work out? Look for local 5K run/walks that partner with charities. Do you sew or quilt? Consider making blankets for patients in local hospitals. Being creative can allow you to bring these areas of your life together!

  1. Multitask

Many of the household chores that you are already planning to do can also help those in your community. For example, when you’re cleaning out your closets donate the items you no longer need to a second hand store or donate your lightly used towels and linens to a local animal shelter.

  1. Partner with your workplace

Volunteering with coworkers provides a unique opportunity to network and connect with each other. Discuss what opportunities your workplace would be interested in engaging in together. Some ideas are lunch hour projects (such as reading at nearby elementary schools) or after work activities (like sorting food at a city food bank). It’s the perfect opportunity to make friends and do good together.

  1. Take on small projects you can do from home

Consider using downtime at home to work on small undertakings that can be done while watching TV or winding down in the evening. Consider assembling hygiene packets for community women’s shelters or looking through the newspaper for grocery store coupons that can be used to purchase pantry staples to be donated.

  1. Be a Helpful Neighbor

Take a few moments out of your day to make someone else’s day easier. Help an elderly neighbor with small errands, such as grocery shopping or a trip to the pharmacy, or take an extra portion of dinner to your new neighbor. Incorporating lending a helping hand into tasks you are already doing is an easy and kind way to make your immediate community brighter.

These are just a few examples of ways that you can incorporate a lifestyle of volunteerism into your everyday schedule. What are some ways that you embrace volunteering in your life?

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This entry was posted on August 22, 2017 by in Community Impact.
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