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Reflecting on a Year as President

As we move into our next League year, I caught up with Jen Bennett to reflect on her time as President. This interview offers a look into her past and future roles as well as a vision for the League in our city.

What are you most proud of in your year of service as President?
This is a difficult question to answer, as there are way too many things to list. This was an amazing experience with so many accomplishments I am proud of. However, I started this year wanting to work with the Board of Directors to ensure we looked strategically at our role and the decisions we were making. I believe that the BOD did an amazing job this year making decisions and changes that will provide for a positive future for our League. To pick just one area of success, seeing the Legacy Fund reach and exceed its $1 million corpus this year was a real treat for me since I was the Active Co-Chair for the 100th Anniversary Committee that launched the fund.


What are you looking forward to in your new role for the upcoming League year?
I am thrilled to be a Sustaining member of the League. In my role next year I will sit as Past President on the Planning Council, support our Personnel committee, and also be a member of Sustainer nominating. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience in these roles but also have some additional time to spend with my family and friends.


What advice would you give to New Members and Actives early in their League career?
Try different placement opportunities and be willing to do roles possibly outside your comfort zone. The League is a great place to try a new skill; I know that I learned more about marketing and finance rules with my time in the League and that has helped me professionally. The other piece of advice is make new friends, some of my dearest friends these days are friends I made within the first three to four years in the League.


From your year as President, what gives you hope for the League’s future in Kansas City?
The League has a strong, amazing history in the Kansas City Community for more than 100 years. I know the League has a strong future as it has already proven over the last 100 years that we make our city a better place, not only in funding but also through developing amazing female leaders in our community. The League is asking the right questions to ensure that we are at the forefront of the needs in Kansas City and its surrounding communities, and we have built a bench of amazing women to serve in our organization. I am excited to see where the League goes.


Thank you to Jen for her service and best of luck to her as she takes on new roles as a Sustainer!

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