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This year’s Community Service Award Winner

Jan Rowe delivering her acceptance speech.

This year’s annual Spring Sustainer Meeting was an evening filled with celebration! Celebration for the wonderful contributions the League has brought to our community and for this year’s Community Service Award Winner, Jan Rowe.

Jan served on the financial board and as Vice President of Finance (known today as the Finance Council and Director of Finance) along with having been the Director of Sustainers. She also helped create Jazzoo and served in many leadership roles in her Active years.

In her acceptance speech, Jan said, “I love the fact that we focus on promoting volunteerism and on encouraging and empowering women to focus on improving our community.”

“I feel very blessed to sustain the League, and because I’ve sustained the League, I’ve learned so much about myself; I like to go out on the edge and create something new – especially if it’s an opportunity to give.”

The Community Service Award is given to one Sustainer each year for exemplary public service across our community and is awarded through the Sustainer Nominating Committee. Jan received multiple nominations for this award.

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This entry was posted on May 31, 2017 by in Community Impact.
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