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League Member Extraordinaire


Marketing Board Director, Susan Moss’s adorable little ones: newborn, Vincent and big sister Vivian.


Susan Moss – board member and overall League rock star – has been incredibly active in the League for nearly 15 years. Her dedication is both inspiring and admirable. Let’s take a moment to get to know her better by asking her a few questions:

  1. How did you get started with the League?

“I joined the League as a new member back in 2003. My then boss had bought Holiday Mart tickets for everyone in our office and I had also heard some friends talking about the League. I just knew I had to become a part of this amazing organization that has made an impact on our community for over 100 years!”

  1. What’s inspired you to continue volunteering through the years?

“My continued inspiration has come from learning so many new things through League training, both through my many placement opportunities and through formal trainings, as well as seeing the impact that we have made.

I also have a deep appreciation for our strong history. In fact, digging through the archives while serving as the 100th Anniversary Programs Chair was one of my favorite placements. It also had the bonus feature of getting to plan the surprise Follies revival at the September GMM during our 100th Anniversary year! I’ve met a lot of amazing women through the League.”

  1. You’re a mother, a lawyer and you’re involved in leadership roles both in and out of the League. How do you juggle everything?

“I’m not going to lie, this can be a challenge sometimes. There are those superwoman members that seem to be able to juggle it all without skipping a beat.

Juggling just career and League was no problem at all for me. I got married the year that I was serving as Step-Up Marketing Director and I’ve been keeping it challenging ever since then, having a baby at the beginning of my first year as Marketing Director (Vivi was born on June 5th that year). Now I just had my second baby, Vincent, at the midyear point of my second year as Marketing Director.

I definitely put family first, but I make time to keep all of the League work moving and I do my best to keep being innovative and inspirational in the process. League work is important to me, not only because of the impact we make, but also in setting a good example for my daughter… so I make the time to get things done.”

  1. You’ve devoted a lot of time, energy and leadership to the League. In return, what has the League given you?

“I’ve learned so much as a League member. I always thought of myself as a leader and have held leadership positions in numerous organizations, but the League has fine-tuned my leadership skills and helped me to grow.”


Thank you, Susan for all of your hard work, dedication and significant contributions to the League! You’re an inspiration to us all!

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