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A feeling of giving is in the air!


The Action Team with the donations they helped collect for Rose Brooks Center before the December General Membership meeting.

The December General Membership Meeting had a clear theme: the value of giving to help ensure our Kansas City community is a better place for today and for the future. Even before the meeting, the Action Team placed calls requesting donations for the Rose Brooks Center – and the results were phenomenal.

From there the meeting kicked off with a warm welcome from our President, Jen Bennett, who introduced our meting sponsor, Country Club Bank. As the night went on we heard from several phenomenal speakers:

  • Jolie Justus, Kansas City, Missouri, Councilwoman and JLKCMO Community Advisor, said it was “Exciting to see so many women in one place, focused on making our community better!” She also encouraged each and every member of the League to collaborate to improve our community.
    • Jen Bennett, President, and Celeste Greenlee, Executive Director, introduced the revitalized Community Advisory Board. Our Community Advisors counsel our board of directors, provide guidance on new initiatives and host trainings!
    • Michelle Shekleton, Individual Giving Chair, announced that our goal for individual giving this League year is $25,000, with 100% League participation. She said that with 1,364 women in the League, we could reach our goal if we each donate just $18.00. To give your tax deductible donation, click here.
    • Christy LaHood, Legacy Fund Co-Chair, explained that the Legacy Fund was established as part of our 100th Anniversary “to define our organization for a second century and beyond.”
    • Katie Werner, Director of Finance, said the Community Endowment Fund began in 1988 with a $125,000 bequest, and through generous gifts, has grown to over $2,000,000 over the past 28 years. She added that the League has helped more than 280 local agencies, including: Hope House, the Kansas City Zoo and Happy Bottoms.
    • Shannon Berry and Karen Crnkovich, Sponsorship Co-Chairs, said they have been inspired by Kendra Scott because she believes in supporting women who are passionate about their communities, which is evident in her ongoing support for our League. They also invited members to an upcoming Shopportunity at Kendra Scott in Town Center on Wednesday, January 25th. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to the League.
    • Chelsea Chaney and Rory Welsh, Take Five Co-Chairs, promoted our 6th Annual Take Five event on Friday, March 3rd at Studio Dan Meiners. A few VIP tickets are left, and regular admission and raffle tickets can be purchased online. In addition to many special silent auction items, “tons of amazing local food vendors offering small plates and tasty treats” will be onsite!
    • Ericka Duker, Nominating Chair, cleverly announced the new members of the Board and Holiday Mart Step-Up Co-Chairs to the tune of The Price is Right

    • The 2017-2018 Board of Directors:
      • President: Jen Johnson
      • President-Elect: Katherine Fowler
      • Bylaws Chair: Brandi Thomas
      • Board Assistant: Karen Crnkovich
      • Nominating Chair: Christy LaHood
      • Director of Community: Jen Graves
      • Step-Up Director of Community: Heidi Hedges
      • Director of Finance: Jana Larson
      • Director of Fund Development: Colleen Goldblatt
      • Director of Marketing: Katie Minnis
      • Step-Up Director of Marketing: Alma Azuara
      • Director of Membership: Erin Lambert
      • Director of Planning: Katie Werner
      • Director of Sustainers: Margaret Latshaw
      • Director of Training: Kimberlee Ried
    • Holiday Mart Step-Up Co-Chairs: Courtney Fitzgerald and Aubrey Holden

The evening closed with recognition to those who’ve been with the League for 5 and 10 years and a Q&A session with our President. When asked what the most rewarding part of being president is, she said, “Truly about working with such amazing women. It makes me proud to be your President and it’s important to me to make decisions which will support our community next year, in 10 years and even 100 years from now.”

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