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Healthy U Family Meals Joins forces with the Boys & Girls Club of Kansas City


According to Feeding America’s, Meal Gap study: hunger exists in every county in our nation. In Kansas and Missouri, there are hungry people living in sparsely-populated rural counties, suburban communities and urban centers.

As a way to help, the League developed a signature program called Healthy U Family Meals and has developed a new partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Kansas City to provide monthly lunches and healthy meal ideas to some of the most at risk families in our city.

Robyn Wagner, Chair of the Healthy U Family Meals committee says, “We provide a healthy lunch that includes a cooking portion as a group and other activities promoting healthy living. Then each family is sent home with a HUGE bag of healthy food and meal ideas using the ingredients.”

So far, Robyn’s most enjoyed “Meeting the families and seeing how happy they are to participate.” She also said, “Our October lunch was full of great memories. We had a group of girls who were scared to try the black bean quinoa soup but gave it a try and ended up really liking it! Also, a mom approached me and told me she was coming every month in hopes of learning better habits to help her daughter and herself lose weight and become healthier.”

As a Signature Program, the League is planning to grow and adapt the program to make it a long-term initiative. Next year we plan to expand to another Boys & Girls club location, servicing two locations in total, and to grow our lessons so they’re more hands on. Eventually we hope to provide cooking lessons for kids ages 2 to 18!

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