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Saying Hello to our Fabulous New President


In our last post we heard from Rachel as she reflected on her year as president of Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri. This week we’ll hear from our new president Jennifer Bennett.

Why did you join the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri?

Honestly I had another friend that said she was looking into joining and we should do it together. Being rather new to Kansas City, I looked into the League and realized it would be a great organization for me to meet other like-minded women.

Do you have a favorite Holiday Mart memory?

This is an easy one for me! It’s when Amy Hill and I co-chaired Holiday Mart. That entire year was a wonderful memory – from seeing the first brainstorming sessions on what Holiday Mart was going to look like that year to actually assisting the last retailer out the door. We had a wonderful committee and a fun year executing the League’s largest fundraiser.

What do you like most about Take Five?

That my husband wants to go. He tells everyone what a fun cool event we have. I enjoy being able to take my husband to a League event where he can socialize and have fun while witnessing the great work of the women I spend my time volunteering alongside.

What is one of the new Signature Programs that’s got you the most excited for this year?

That’s not a fair question! I am thrilled to see our programs doing wonderfully – and each started with such strong support from our League. I am looking forward to seeing how each program grows this year now that we have all the kinks worked out from year one. Each program is at a different stage in its development so just having the opportunity to watch each of them excites me. This is especially true since I had the pleasure of being the Director of Planning the year the Impact Development Committee made the recommendation for our new focus area and for each of these programs.

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