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A Quick Wrap-up with a Fantastic President

100th Anniversary Co-Chair and League Pulse guest blogger, Rachel Sexton.

Rachel Sexton

As we transition to another new year, I couldn’t help but want to wrap up our previous year with some insights from Rachel Sexton from her time as President. Here are my questions and her responses:

What is one thing you are proud of from the last year?

From hiring a new Executive Director to welcoming the largest New Member class in a decade, there are SO many things that fill me with pride when I think about the work of our Board, our Councils and our members last year. What really gets me excited, though, is thinking about all the seeds that we planted together like deciding on a future fundraiser and looking at our diversity and inclusion. I can’t wait to see these efforts flourish under the care of tomorrow’s leaders!

What is one thing that really surprised you? 

What surprised me most was the interest in work/life balance. There are so many articles and blogs devoted to the topic that I honestly wondered if we’d heard enough or if there would be an interest in talking about it within the League. It was great to hear from so many members about what “balance” means to them, have productive dialogues about how the League fits into that mix, and swap tips on how make life a little easier.

What are you looking forward to in your 2016-2017 League year?

Some of my favorite League events last year were hosted by Sustainers: the Holiday Tea and the Sustainer Emeritus brunch. I didn’t even get a chance to attend any of the New Sustainer activities that looked so fun, but I realized that there was a whole group of savvy, supportive members whom I had yet to really get to know. I can’t wait to join their company, and I’ll always be ready to roll up my sleeves if there’s another area where I can help support the organization that has given me so very much.

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