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Recruiting Prospective Members

prospective membersThis post comes from Kori Crouse, Director of Membership. She supplies some of our best stories on The League Pulse about activity all around the League and spotlights many of our all-star members. Read on to learn a little bit more about recruiting future Junior League members!

You’ve been discussing it at Council Meetings and at In-Home General Membership Meetings, but what is all the recruitment buzz about?

In addition to the formal Prospective New Member (“PNM”) Meetings, the Admissions Committee has hosted a Holiday Mart Sneak Peak, a meeting focusing on serving our community and an opportunity to attend the December General Membership Meeting. This year the Admissions Committee has already hosted several new events to our recruitment calendar:
● Happy Hour with Sustainers
● Lunch and Learn with a downtown law firm
● Young Friends of Art Social

The Admissions Committee understands the importance of making a personal connection with the PNMs. They are reaching out in the following ways to keep PNMs engaged:
● Sending reminder emails about upcoming events
● Creating a newsletter about League activities and news
● Making personal phone calls to follow up with PNMs after events

PNMs are not required to attend any meetings to join the League (though remaining meetings are coming up soon – see more here). They are only asked to complete:
● A short application
● Two letters of recommendation
● Pay dues of $220

What Can You Do?
Do you know someone who might be interested in joining the League? If we aren’t asking our own members to refer their friends we are really missing an opportunity. Think about who you could recruit and who would love the experience as much as you do. You can send their contact information to We look forward to meeting more PNMs and showcasing all the amazing work of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri!

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