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Thank You Mary Jo!

mary joLast week at Headquarters, Junior League Members joined together to celebrate the amazing twenty-nine years of service Mary Jo Saviano has given the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri. Mary Jo has been instrumental in so many Junior League projects and given so much of her time and energy. However, we know that her hours spent in Headquarters and around Kansas City with the Junior League are only one part of Mary Jo’s full life. She has two daughters, Anna and Eva, and her daughter Anna offered some perspective about how family and the Junior League have intersected for them over the years.

Anna can’t remember their family’s life without the League. “I’ve had amazing connections, met awesome people, and had tons of opportunity as a result. I started babysitting for League members’ kids a hundred years ago, it seems!”

She added that having Mary Jo as her mom is similar to what League members have experienced. “Outside the League, my mom is always there. She is 100% ready to help me, my sister, my children, my husband, her friends, siblings, whomever. No question. She is a constant source of support, and I imagine that will only increase after retirement.”

When I asked her about what dreams she has for her mom in retirement, Anna said, “I am looking forward to her spending time with her grandchildren one on one, and maybe facilitating a piano lesson or two for my daughter. We’ll see about that! My hope for her in retirement is to catch up on reading, organizing, and spending time with family and friends.”

We’re grateful to the Savianos for sharing Mary Jo with us and wish her all the best in retirement!

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