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ALCS Certificate Recipients – You Could Be Next!

ALCS grads

from left to right: Jessica Todd, Jill Frasier, Theresa Uchytil-Etler, Azure Postell, Ashley Campbell, Deann Salazar, Cynthia Hinrichsen

The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, in collaboration with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City would like to congratulate the inaugural class of Advanced Leadership Certification Series (ALCS) Graduates: Erika Bran, Azure Postell, Ashley Campbell, Kristal Ronnebaum, Lindsey Clancey Deann Salazar, Jaymi Cotter Jessica Todd, Jill Frasier, Theresa Uchytil-Etler, Cynthia Hinrichsen, and Caroline Wake.

These distinguished Junior League members received their Advanced Leadership Certification Series certificates at the May 2015 General Membership Meeting upon completion of a series of 12 advanced leadership training modules they each attended over the course of the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 League years. Above and beyond their membership requirements, these women took it upon themselves to spend 36 additional hours (3 hours/module) and supplement the fees paid by JLKC to UMKC by giving $360 ($30/module) out of their own pockets to receive this certification.

And it was worth it! Jill Frasier said, “I really enjoyed all of the ALCS classes. I always left with something I could apply at work, at home, and at JL. And because of the class size and structure, you got to know the other JL members in a different way. It is definitely worth the time and cost.”

Last year we talked about how the ALCS program was designed in partnership with the Junior League and the experts at the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC to provide a high quality, comprehensive and certified series of advanced leadership skills training sessions available to all Junior League members. More than 90 members attended at least one of the 24 ALCS modules offered over the course of the past two League years.

At the completion of the two-year program, all participants were asked to complete an ALCS survey. Impressively, 100% of the ALCS graduates felt that it not only extremely fulfills the League’s mission, but that their experience in the ALCS program was extremely valuable, an extremely good use of their time and investment, and that they would be extremely likely to recommend the ALCS program to other League members to attend in the future. Jaymi Cotter reflected, “”The ALCS classed provided me an opportunity to not only develop myself for the League, but professionally as well.”

And ALCS graduate Jessica Todd said, “My peers and co-workers saw a significant change in me overall (after completing the ALCS modules). I presented myself more confidently with increased communication skills. This personal growth lead to a renegotiation of my contract (at work) with a redesign of my role.”

Interested in participating in the ALCS program in the 2015-2016 League year?
The Training Committee will be offering the first six ALCS modules throughout the course of the 2015-2016 League year. While it’s not necessary to have participated in ALCS in a previous year, if you have completed one or more of the modules in the past, those completed modules will count towards your ALCS certification if you so desire to graduate from this program.

The ALCS program is open and available to any and all members to attend to either:
• fulfill your training requirement for the year
• attend because the course content seems valuable and a good use of your time and investment
• attend because you are working towards receiving their ALCS certification

We hope you all take advantage of the wonderful advanced training opportunities available to you. Did you know that the League subsidizes this program to make it more affordable to members? JL members pay $30/ALCS class compared to approximately $125/class for a comparable 3-hour credit graduate course at UMKC. Membership does have its privileges!

The following is a listing of the 12 modules offered in the ALCS program. The training committee looks forward to you attending one or more of these courses this year!

Year 1: 2015-2016
Module 1: What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader: An Introduction
Module 2: The Art of Organizing: The Four Frames of Leadership
Module 3: Getting Things Done: Influence, Power, and Authority
Module 4: Leading Teams and Groups
Module 5: Leading People through Major Change
Module 6: Understanding and Dealing with Conflict

Year 2: 2016-2017
Module 7: Leading Volunteers
Module 8: Effective Facilitation Techniques
Module 9: Basics of Fundraising
Module 10: Strategic Planning
Module 11: Staying in the Game: Personal Resilience
Module 12: Putting It All Together: The Centered Leader

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