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Setting Priorities for the Year.


The president’s relationship with the Board is a foundational part of the work that happens each year. I have observed that each president works to set the tone for the group through a theme or set of goals for the group. 2015-2016 President Rachel Sexton was happy to share her guiding principals for this year’s fabulous Board that hold true for every JLKCMO member.

BEFRIEND – we’re making a serious difference in the community, but this also has to be FUN. We can all make room for at least one new friend in our lives, and with 1400 amazing women who share an interest in leadership and a passion for our community, you are bound to find her at JLKCMO!

BELIEVE – have faith that we can make a difference individually and collectively. This year, YOU are contributing to the legacy of $16.2 million and 2.3 million given to our community. BELIEVE that you are an important, valued member of our organization.

BE.LEAGUE! – WE know what a big difference we’re making, but we need to be sure that the people of Kansas City – people who may become members… people who may become sponsors… people who need our services – know just how powerful the JLKCMO is. You are the face of the League for everyone in your network. Educate yourself on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so that we can spread this message across the community.

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This entry was posted on August 25, 2015 by in Community Impact.
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