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The Third Tuesday Transfer Group.


From left to right, Fran Gerritz, Adele Scielzo, Janie Paul, Sally Ott

The Third Tuesday Transfer (TTT) group is another Sustainer interest group – remember our fun features on the Noteables and the Investment Club? This group meets once a month and includes women of all ages within the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri. Janie Paul is beginning her second year leading this group, and she was kind enough to tell us the story of how she became involved and a bit more about the group. Read on to hear some wonderful highlights from other members who have transferred – this could be the group for you!IMG_6699

For me, TTT has created the perfect way for me to enter a new and very large league. I was a provisional in Albuquerque. After a couple of years, my husband’s job sent us to Reno, NV. I verified there was a league in Reno before I called the movers! It was so important for me in a new town to have an avenue that facilitated making new friends and learning about my new community. During my 12 years in Reno, I was active and even President of the Junior League of Reno. When I reached the age of 40 and could be a Sustainer, I was having too much fun as an Active to change my status!

Then we moved to Kansas. It is much different entering a league as a Sustainer than as an Active. All those contacts and friends in Reno were far far away. Before transferring to an area league, I checked to see what each offered Sustainers. The JLKCMO stood out! The Third Tuesday group could not have been more welcoming. I look forward to our monthly luncheons so much that I plan family trips around the third Tuesday of any month (and we travel a lot!). My husband really enjoys our couples’ parties too.

It is key that a big league like the JLKCMO makes itself small enough to foster significant friendships with so many interest groups for Sustainers of all ages. We have one member who has transferred six times – the JLKCMO is her seventh league! What a lifesaver leagues are, to offer such a gracious entre into each community. Here are some quotes from other TTT members about what the group has meant to them!

  • Jane Carver says, “The women who attend Third Tuesday Luncheons comprise a fantastic support group for many of us. Similar to book discussion, bridge, gardening groups, etc., we’re able to touch base monthly with women we come to know well by sharing interests over many years. And the food is delicious!”
  • Anne Peterson “was in Corporate Financial Services for 18 years and moved throughout the Midwest, including Kansas City. After two and half years, I decided to move no more and call KC home permanently. I left my corporate role and began balancing my life by adding in some social opportunities. I learned about TTT luncheon and began attending. I was immediately welcomed and felt like I’d known everyone forever. It was fun to get together and be a part of a group that continues to contribute to our community through all their good works, but also believes that it’s just fun to have a social gathering once a month to visit and support each other. It has been a lot of fun and I love that the JLKCMO has such a Sustainer group for Transfers like me!”
  • From Debbie Dribben, “My home league is Kansas City, MO, but I’m officially registered as a Transfer. This undoubtedly occurred because as a service wife, I transferred my membership from time to time to local chapters, never dreaming that when I returned home I would stay a Transfer! I realized just how fortunate I was to have this happen! Because of being able to join Third Tuesday, I was able to meet all sorts of interesting, wonderful people whom I would most likely never have met otherwise. In other words, TTT opened all sorts of opportunities for my husband and me, and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in activities we would never have been included in otherwise. I guess you could say that Third Tuesday widened my experiences as well as friendships far more than I had ever anticipated when I joined my local league.”
  • Lynn Mackle describes Third Tuesdays as a “congenial and supportive group of friends with whom I formed an immediate bond upon my arrival in Kansas City. We share much in common as transfers, and it is so very comforting as a newcomer to exchange information and ideas while enjoying lunch in the relaxed setting of members’ homes.”
  • Rusty Munyan has enjoyed the Third Tuesday gatherings for a very long time. “Over the years, I have made friends that have been long lasting and enjoyed the shared duties of all of us. The fact that it is a strictly social group had been so pleasant since so many groups are for a cause that requires much more involvement. A real plus for me and one that I try hard not to ever miss.”
  • And to sum it up perfectly, Barbara Wurtzler says, “Third Tuesday is a great way to meet friendly, interesting, high energy women. We always have a wonderful time!”

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