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Saying Hello to another Fabulous President.

In our last post we heard from Julie as she reflected on her year as president of Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri. This week we’ll hear from our new president Rachel Sexton.

When you arrive at League Headquarters, is there a particular drink you always bring with you?
I gave up soda years ago, but not my need for caffeine. I am addicted to Starbucks and love that there are two between my house and HQ. I can always go for a skinny vanilla latte, day or night.

Do you have a favorite Holiday Mart memory?
After several years of shopping the Mart as the mom of two boys and drooling over every tutu and hair bow, I had my first daughter in July of 2011. Not only was that October a very fun year to shop for all things frilly, I also made Ladies Night Out my first night away from her as I joined some JLKCMO friends and my sister in a hotel room block. I definitely didn’t get much of the sleep I intended to catch up on, but we had a blast!
What’s one of the new Signature programs that’s got you the most excited for 2015-2016?
Oh, come on, that’s like asking me which of my kids is my favorite! I honestly think they are all so exciting, but I’m particularly glad to see us entering the area of Abuse & Neglect. I think we are up to the challenge of facing a heavy issue head-on and making an important, rewarding difference.

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