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Behind the Scenes of the Healthy U Rap

If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of the Healthy U Rap, pause your reading and watch it first. Then start on the behind the scenes notes about this catchy and darling rap.

As our time with the Children’s Nutrition and Fitness impact area wraps up, League members were committed to celebrating all the hard work with our community partners over the past several years. I know many JLKCMO members and families are looking forward to the Healthy U Healthy Me! Celebration at the Kansas City Zoo on May 16.

The rap is another great celebration of the Impact Area. Members thought it would be a cool idea because they’ve worked with the Hip Hop Doc in the past. They sent some initial information on some of the projects we’ve worked on and our community partners. The Hip Hop Doc and his partners developed the lyrics to make it fun and also tie in some of the information. Once the lyrics were approved, they started on the musicality and recorded it in a studio.

JLKCMO Members had t-shirts made for the kids in the video. Once their scenes were shot, the audio and video could all be layered together into an awesome mash-up. I’ll dare you to not get the refrain stuck in your head cause “It’s a healthy you and a healthy me. Uh-uh-oh-oh…”

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This entry was posted on May 5, 2015 by in Community Impact.
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