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The Noteables.

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I was sitting next to my mom last year at the 100th Anniversary GMM when the Noteables walked up on stage to perform. She said, “OH, the NOTEABLES!” and I realized I was definitely late to the party to learn about this phenomenal group of singing JLKCMO Sustainers. Founded in 1968, the Noteables were a placement open to Active members until 2008. At that time, the group moved to its current status as one of our Sustainer Interest Groups. Some of the Noteables have been members for over 20 years! They sing regularly at retirement homes and memory care centers around the Kansas City area.

I asked a couple of members of the Noteables about memorial experiences with the group. Linda Anderson-Petty said it’s hard to think of just one performance that stands out. Linda told me that each performance is usually unique. Sometimes residents will start to sing and clap or even dance along with the Noteables. When they perform at memory care centers, they are often moved by the reaction of the residents. Linda said, “Alzheimer patients cannot remember if they have a birthday but can remember words to all the songs and really come alive with the music.” They often choose music that will take the audience back to their high school or college days.

I also talked with Susie Heddens, who has been singing with the group for 19 years, Susie said, “Oftentimes special moments happen, like a gentleman standing and saluting while we are singing his service song…or a member of the audience starting “Amazing Grace” and asking us to join in.”

The Noteables have made a lasting impact through their volunteering around Kansas City. They are a group of active Sustainers sharing a passion for song with our community.

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