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The Garden Club with JLKCMO Sustainers.

Garden Club
In my effort to learn more about all the various groups that function within the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, I reached out to the Sustainers. This vibrant, valuable group of women is still finding ways to connect with other Junior League members and serve the community. Some of those connections are social in nature as Sustainers gather year round in Sustainer interest groups. Lunch Bunch is just one example of an interest group. There are book clubs, investment groups and theatre aficionados. Spring is definitely feeling in the air, and today we’re going to take a closer look at the Garden Club.

Meeting each month in someone’s home, the Garden Club features a group of about 25 Sustainers who gather for socializing and a garden-related speaker. When I asked Deb Martin, Communications Coordinator, about what she loves about the Garden Club, she said that they have made her feel so welcome from the very beginning. It’s not at all a competitive group, she says, but a friendly and generous group of Sustainers who organize the special meetings. Each month, organizers Kathy Rainen, Kathy Hardwick, Brenda Nolte, and Adele Scielzo take turns putting together a fabulous meeting for the group.

Earlier this year, members gathered at the home of Ann Hyde to hear a speaker on Herbal Tea Gardening. One of the cherished members of the Garden Club is Nancy Jane Barnes. She recently celebrated her 99th Birthday, a fabulous reminder of how the Junior League can be a lifetime source of enjoyment.

You can learn more about Sustainer interest groups here or contact Teri Riley at Headquarters.

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