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Lunch Bunch with the Sustainers

Lunch Bunch - Glaze, Wells, Lally, Crowe

(Joanna Glaze, Kathy Wells, Martha Lally and Laura Crowe)

Between my sister the New Member and my mom the Sustainer, the Luhrs ladies family has all corners of the League covered. One of the opportunities for Sustainers is the monthly “lunch bunch” that gathers at various restaurants around town. Sustainer director Jan Rowe told me that the group can sometimes be a lively handful or an energetic crowd depending on the month.

Last fall my mom attended a special Lunch Bunch at Joanna Glaze’s home, and I remember her telling me that everyone had a great time. The co-hosts alongside Joanna were Laura Crowe, Susan Brown and Kathy Wells. They planned and prepared a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy. Normally sustainers pay $15-$20 for their meal, but when the co-hosts saw everyone’s money from the meal, they decided to do something different. Instead of taking the money to pay for their own expenses, the women donated the total to the Junior League Endowment Fund!

I love this example of the giving culture of the Junior League. Sustainers, women who served many years as Active members, are still getting together and giving!

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