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Love the League

Early Actives Post 1

It’s Valentine’s Day week, and that’s put us in the mood to highlight some recent things to LOVE about the League.

  • New Members participated in a winter retreat to kick off the second part of their New Member year. They were tasked with the spaghetti tower challenge, one of my favorite ways to bring a group together and really make them think!
  • Speaking of New Members, I know that many New Members and early Actives (through year 3) are signing up for the special JL360 placement. The deadline to sign-up is February 14. The 60 lucky participants will be decided randomly, so it’s not too late to sign-up. There has been a lot of buzz about JL360 since the GMM when it was introduced, and I’m so excited to follow along as the first group gets started!
  • Take Five, the Junior League’s cocktail party fundraiser is less than a month away. It is already sold out, but if you are one of the lucky ones with tickets, follow along on Facebook as they continue to announce fabulous sponsors and giveaways! I have a few friends who are planning to buy lots of raffle tickets for The Container Store’s $1000 closet makeover. I have a pretty organized closet, and that still sounds like a dream come true to me. If sadly you cannot make the event or didn’t get a ticket in time, don’t forget that you can still purchase enter-to-win tickets as well. These $25 tickets make you eligible for the grand prize of $5000.

So spread the love. Sign-up for JL360 or tell an early Active about the new program, and buy your raffle tickets for Take Five!

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This entry was posted on February 10, 2015 by in Community Impact.
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