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A Closer Look at JL 360


Each January, I find myself talking to other League members what they are thinking about for next year. This year it’s been fun because my sister, a New Member, is also looking forward to her first placement as an Active member next year. There is a new opportunity for early Actives that is generating a lot of buzz around the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, – JL360.

I had the opportunity as a first year Active to work closely with Dena Nash, JL360 Chair 2014-2015. She was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the League, and I was so excited to hear that she was serving as the chair of this new opportunity. Only 60 early Active members (years 1-3) will be able to participate in the pilot program, and it sounds like it will be an incredible opportunity for the participants.

JL360 is designed around 20 touchpoints that will give members personalized opportunities that suit their interests and schedules. I’ve been really inspired how the focus is on developing ways to think about their volunteer career. I was fortunate to have a mentor in my early Junior League career who helped me imagine what I could do with my time in the League, and I’m excited that other early Actives will have a similar experience with JL360!

Pre-placement sign-up for JL360 runs from February 1-14 on If you are eligible to apply for JL360, there will be a link on your member homepage to start the early placement process. They are also looking for seasoned Junior League members to serve as JL360 small group leaders, a Chief of Staff and a Step-Up Chair. Members with 4+ Active years in the League should email Kristen Yates if they are interested. If you have any questions about JL360 or just want to know more about this program, please contact Dena Nash or Ashley Bieck, JL360 Chair 2015-2016.

I know that demand will be great for the first year of JL360, and I’m so excited to follow along on the journey to see all the fabulous places the program goes.

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