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Advanced Leadership Certification Series

ACLS photo

The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri takes a lot of pride in the training opportunities for its members. The Advanced Leadership Certification Series is a unique partnership with The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership (MCNL) at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The twelve advanced leadership courses are open to all Junior League members. My sister the new member and my mom the sustainer have all expressed interest in the various courses available. Each session is about three hours long and provides an excellent opportunity for League members to receive high quality leadership training.

To receive ALCS certification, members must complete all twelve courses, but they can be started at any time and in any order. Small sessions with experienced teachers ensure that members are able to really unpack critical components of nonprofit leadership. The women pictured above participated in module 3: Getting Things Done: Influence, Power and Authority at UMKC in December. There were all kinds of Junior League women participating including members who were working their way through the entire sequence to members who were excited to have a training available that was relevant to their professional lives. They read a short article before the course started and learned from the interactive format of the class.

League member Jaymi Cotter shared about her experience recently: She told me that the Advanced Leadership Certification Series has been has been a beneficial experience not only for her time Junior League Career, but also her professional one. Jaymi says, “I have learned how to be a better leader within the League, my Community and professionally. Some of my favorite classes have been Understanding & Dealing with Conflict and Getting Things Done – Influence, Power and Authority.”

JLKCMO members should be sure to check out all the ALCS courses available under the Trainings tab on the website.

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