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Meet the President, Julie Randolph.

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You may have seen this profile of Julie Randolph last year while she was serving as President Elect, but we wanted to chat some more as she begins her term as president of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri. Her experiences within the League and in the Kansas City community provide a strong foundation for her leadership and vision for the year ahead.

The League Pulse (TLP): What should members know about your history in the League?
Julie Randolph (JR): I have a varied history in the league. Emphasis is on the community side early on then onto Planning and focusing on League strategy. Overall I’ve been a part of five Councils (Impact, Membership, Planning, Marketing and Fund Development) and I’ve been Board Member the last five of seven years.

TLP: What’s your biggest goal for the year ahead?
JR: Strengthening our Opportunity to Connect and providing strong communication to the entire organization. That all Members of the League, no matter what area or placement they have, feel informed and have the ability to speak their voice and support efforts in terms of our current and future endeavors.

TLP: What is your favorite place to eat in Kansas City?
JR: That’s a tough one, living here my entire life I have several favorites and I love checking out new ones too. I love Mexican so you can only imagine the SW Blvd area is a favorite of mine. I also love a good soft pretzel too – they have great ones at McCoy’s Public House in Westport.

TLP: Do you prefer iced coffee or iced tea to stay cool during the summer?
JR: I drink copious amounts of iced tea. I love it, and I’ll take it just plain.
TLP: Which type of penguin would you want named after you at the Penguin Plaza?
JR: I recently had the opportunity to make a visit inside the Penguin Ice Paradise and a little Gentoo penguin made an up close visit to me as he jumped onto the iceberg from a quick swim. So I’d have to say a Gentoo would be very fitting!

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