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Meet the Board | Gina Stingley

Meet Gina Stingley, Director of Community Impact.

In her role as Director of Community Impact, Gina is responsible for all League volunteers who are working toward the League’s impact area of children’s nutrition and fitness. Whether it’s teaching families how to zest an orange through our Family Dinners program, or providing food for children over the weekend who otherwise wouldn’t eat from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, to teaching yoga and Zumba and how to ride bikes, this group is making a tangible difference on issues surrounding childhood obesity in the community. In fact, at University Academy, where the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri led efforts on its signature project, Healthy U, obesity rates lowered 24 percent in just one year during the League’s involvement; the superintendent also reports a direct correlation between League involvement at the school and improved test scores. That’s a goosebumps, pat-yourself-on-the-back kind of a success story. A big thank you to everyone who has stuffed a BackSnack, advocated for the issues or sang a silly song about healthy habits. Together, our organization is making a difference.

Being able to make a difference in the community is why Gina joined the League in 2006. She has been involved with various other community organizations since moving to Kansas City in 2001, but none have allowed her the hands-on, measurable volunteer and leadership skills like the League. The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri has given Gina confidence in her leadership skills as a volunteer and as the marketing manager at sports architecture firm Populous; and as a wife to husband Jeff and their six month old son, Jack.

The League has also given Gina an appreciation for the thousands of women in the community over the past 100 years who have worked together to make an impact. Gina believes that Kansas City wouldn’t be the city it is today if it weren’t for the League and its volunteers, a fact that she hopes all can be proud.



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