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Meet the Board | Allison Taylor

Meet Allison Taylor, Director of Membership.

Allison always knew she would join the Junior League because she grew up with it. Allison’s mom was an active member with the Junior League of Wichita and Allison can vividly remember going to headquarters with her mother as a child. Now Allison and her sister, Rebecca Arbuckle, are active members of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri and serve on the Board together this year. Rebecca is the Nominating Chair. Allison appreciates that the League has been flexible for her as she’s gone through changes in her life over the last 12 years. Allison was able to find placements that met what she needed at the time – more social, less time intense, out in the community, more flexible, back in-League, etc. That flexibility is what has allowed her to remain active for so long.

After a nine year career with Southwestern Bell/SBC/AT&T, Allison now stays home with her two children – a six-year-old boy and three-year-old girl. Her son started kindergarten this year and Allison loves putting her volunteering skills to work at his school. On a very part-time basis, Allison handles the social media for a darling children’s clothing store, The Little House. Allison is married to her college sweetheart who she’s known since the first grade. Really. The Taylors are die-hard Jayhawks who make it to as many football and basketball games as their schedules allow. Allison ran her first two half marathons in the last year (taking it up at the age of 36!) and can be found most weekdays at 5:30 am in a Fusion studio. She loves to shop, exercise, watch movies, catch up on entertainment gossip, and spend time with her family and friends.

The Director of Membership oversees member requirements, Admissions, New Member Education, and Placement.  Allison has been an Active Member of the League for 11 years.


One comment on “Meet the Board | Allison Taylor

  1. Lisa Nickel
    November 7, 2013

    What a superstar! The JL is so lucky to have Allison as Director of Membership!

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