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Meet the Board | Mina Steen

Meet Mina Steen, Sustainer Advisor.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Mina Steen has truly enjoyed the League as a source of deep friendship, personal growth, and education.  Her League career began with the Training committee and that learning arena was one in which she held many placements and leadership positions.  Mina’s active League years included appointments to the Avila Women’s Leadership Institute and the Midwest Center for Non-Profit Leadership Steering committee.  Serving as President in 1994-95 was a highlight for Mina and she remains grateful for the contributions of other League leaders who served in those busy years.

Since going Sustaining, Mina’s focus moved to the community.  Specifically, she has been involved with the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation, Children’s Mercy Hospital Golf Classic, Children’s TLC, and St. Luke’s Hospital.   Mina pursued a Masters in Human Services with an emphasis in Mental Health Counseling and served as a family educator for a therapeutic boarding school for 8 years.  As family life evolved, Mina moved back into her original career of residential real estate, which she enjoys tremendously.

Supportive of all this activity has been Mina’s husband, Lance and two children, Sarah and Troy (now grown, married, and one with two daughters of her own).  Serving in recent years on Community Endowment and then the Membership Development Committee – Mina has really enjoyed the Active/Sustainer interaction and what each gains from the other.  She is striving, in this year as Sustainer Director, to optimize that interaction this 100th Anniversary year.  All with the hope that our friendships grow stronger and our League thrives in the next 100 years!

Mina Steen

One comment on “Meet the Board | Mina Steen

  1. Lisa Nickel
    October 31, 2013

    It’s an absolute honor to know Mina! What a beautiful person inside and out!

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