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Meet the Board | Mary Jo Saviano

Mary Jo Saviano is a native Kansas Citian, never straying for long from her Brookside roots.  She is married to Joe, has two daughters Anna Saviano and husband Blair Johnson who live a full TWO blocks away and Eva Saviano who lives a bit farther, New York City.  She and Joe have two grandchildren, Adeline and Elihu Johnson, that are a great distraction from real life!

Mary Jo has been an employee of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri for 27 years this coming March 5, 2014.  Originally she was the League bookkeeper and held that position for 13 years so it’s been about equal time for that position and Executive Director (formerly known as Administrative Director).

Clearly the League has been a huge part of Mary Jo’s life and influenced her family life and circle of friends.  The knowledge, experience and respect for volunteers she has gained over the years has been a fulfilling and valuable career benefit. Working with so many wonderful, talented and intelligent women has been the highlight of my time at the League, she can’t imagine a better work life than the one the League has given her.

There have been no marathons or Nobel prizes in Mary Jo’s life but she is proud of her sense of humor, ability to (mostly) go with the flow and she can do a mean German accent among other assorted impersonations.  She is also pleased with the title some of her friends have given her – “The only person they know who hasn’t seen an Oprah Show”.


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