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Community Outreach | Kudos to the A-Team

One of the main tenants of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri’s mission is to improve our community through effective action by trained volunteers. Our members are trained in a variety of ways from organizational skills to public speaking to leadership and community outreach. We are an action-oriented organization. Each year, each member selects one (or two or sometimes three!) placements either within the League’s own organizational structure or an outside placement with a community partner organization. One such placement is being a part of the Action Team, better known as the A-Team. The A-Team answers the call when non-profit agencies or organizations within our community need volunteers to help with an event.
During the 2012-13 League year, A-Team members assisted with events such as Boulevard of Dreams/Dream Factory, Back to School Fair/Samuel U. Rodgers, Dig in, KC/Cultivate Kansas City, Off The Wall/Sheffield Place, Young at Art/MOCSA, Holiday of Hope/Johnson County Christmas Bureau,  KC Zoo Run/Event Midwest, Carnival for CASA/Jackson County CASA, Fall Family Festival/KC Community Gardens, Children’s Charity Variety Show, Bayou Bash/Horizon Academy, CCVI Food Fight/CCVI and Children’s Charity Variety Show among many others.

Recently, the A-Team helped with Gladfest at the Gladstone City Hall in Kansas City, Missouri. Volunteers helped children paint pumpkin masks, leaf rubbings and pumpkin painting.  One of the organizers of the event was thoroughly impressed by our volunteers and sent the following note to the A-Team Chair:

“Thank you SO much for helping us at Gladfest.  You were phenomenal.  We really couldn’t have done it without you.  I went to the wrap meeting last night and received rave reviews on the Kids’ Corner.  You were a very big part of that.  Thanks for making us look so good. I am so impressed with the volunteers from the Junior League. I’ll ask for you every time we need help for one of our special events.”

Well done, A-Team!

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