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Holiday Mart Committee | Erin Lambert

Meet Erin Lambert the 2013 Holiday Mart Administrative Chair and the 2014 Holiday Mart Co-Chair.  She has been in the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri for four years, and so far, all of her placements have been with Holiday Mart!  She’s served as the Marketing Step-Up Co-Chair, Marketing Co-Chair, tickets committee, and now her current positions.

She works at American Century Investments in Kansas City, Mo. as a Marketing Program Manager.  When she’s not working, or spending time on Holiday Mart, she’s with her family.  She has an adorable daughter, Leslie, who is 15 months old, and an awesome husband, Brett.  They also have a crazy cat, Baylor, who is named after her alma mater.

Erin “Hearts the Mart” because Holiday Mart holds special memories.  “I remember attending Holiday Mart when I was young; every year it was a special outing for my Mom and I.  Holiday Mart was my first exposure to the League and ultimately the reason I decided to join the League – because I wanted to be involved in the planning and executing of such an incredible event!  It’s cool for me to realize that many years later, I will be co-chairing the event in 2014!”


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