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Community Action | Volunteering around the City

Community Action continues a 100 year old Tradition of volunteering

by: Jennifer Ray, Community Action Director

This year Community Action will continue the League’s 100 year old tradition of spreading our wings across the Kansas City Metro Area. We will be volunteering and touching lives in all areas of the city from Lenexa to Independence to Grandview to Midtown to Waldo to Leavenworth to Prairie Village and beyond.

Members of Community Action council will be volunteering in many ways this year.  We will build a house for a deserving family, be a companion to homeless animals, be a mentor and a teacher to a family, wrap a baby with some clean diapers, helping those who have been through a trauma, lifting the spirits of seniors in our community, and assisting families who’s loved ones are fighting for our freedoms just to name a few.

The leaders and committee members of Community Action will be the Leagues representatives in the community this year and continue the long tradition of excellence in volunteering.

  •  Michelle Shekleton is chairing our Wayside Waifs committee and making sure members are having a fun and fulfilling volunteer experience working with the animals.
  • Erin Bloom is leading the women volunteering at MOSCA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault). The committee will work on presentations at schools, partner with victims and work on community education opportunities.
  • Samara Nash is spearheading the Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity committee, where members will work on the League sponsored house and assist with the ReStore.
  • Melinda Roumas, the Happy Bottoms chair, will lead her committee with the sorting/ packaging of diapers and help with new/ existing diaper drives in the Kansas City area.
  • Heidi Hedges, our Treat our Troop chair, and her committee will be working on a variety of projects focused on supporting all lines of the military  like the KC 9/11 Memorial stair climb and organize a pumpkin patch event with families from Fort Leavenworth.
  • Sara Ennis, our Senior Friends chair, and her committee will work with the senior community on a variety of projects like hosting a Trick-or-Treat event at Brighton Gardens.
  • Kelly Cox is leading our Pages & Chapters committee. The committee will meet at the Waldo Library and work with students and families on literacy skills making sure that everyone is fluent in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Cynthia Hinrichsen and Ashley Graber are Co-Chairing Action Team. Their committee the will work with many agencies in need of volunteer like Children’s Mercy Hospital Survivor Day, Mattie Rhodes Center and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation-Kansas City to name a few.

Community Action council would like for the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri to be the best volunteers and make the biggest impact we can in the community. We invite league members who are interested in any of our community Action committees to reach out to the chairs and see how you can help with an event or get involved with the organization! Volunteers are always welcome!

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