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The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri: women building better communities.

Past Presidents’ Luncheon

BY: Alise Kowalski, PR/Marketing Chair 2013-14

For as long as anyone can remember, the former presidents of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri have come together for a luncheon event every spring. The current president hosts the event at a location of her choice. This year, President Amy Hunkeler invited the past presidents to the Kansas City Country Club on the morning of April 30. Thirty esteemed former presidents convened in the Blue Room of the Country Club and greeted each other as only good friends do, with a warm embrace and kind words. Though each woman faced new and diverse challenges in her time as League President, all of these women share a passion for service, pride in our community and commitment to building the potential of women.

As we approach our 100th anniversary, it is important to understand where we started, how we’ve changed and thank the leaders that have brought us this far. Thank you to the phenomenal women who have led the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri to accomplish great things and continue our mission of improving our community, promoting voluntarism and building the potential of women.


Front row (L-R): Jill Hasburgh Embry (’88-89), Katie Kwo Gerson (’04-05), Audrey Hansen Langworthy (’76-77), Jerry Hesse Vaughan (’70-71), Hope Christopher Wooldridge (’63-64), Amy Hunkeler (’12-13), Mary Jane Young Barnes (’72-73), Mary Kay Hall Horner (’74-75), Carla Boguski Revare (’03-04)
Second row (L-R): Mary Reiff Hunkeler (’85-86), Nancy Curtin Fuller (’06-07), Georgia Quatman Lynch (’90-91), Julie Randolph (President Elect ’13-14), Leslie Spurck Whitaker (’89-90), Judy Peterson Stokes (’81-82), Vicky Brigham Leonard (’78-’79), Susan Moore Brier Palmer (’00-01), Janice Yukon Benjamin (’91-92), Ginny Curtin (’97-98), Carolyn Patterson (’87-88), Deb Feder (’10-11), Lisa Rinehart Hoffman (’08-09)
Third row (L-R): Laura Davis Gregory (’96-97), Marissa Schaffner (’13-’14), Katherine Biety Schorgl (’02-03), Yvette Alexander Miceli (’09-10), Diane Beaver Johnson (’93-94), Sudy Hurst (’01-02), Susan Belger-Angulo (’98-99), Toni Garvin Stancil (’07-08)

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